usagiheichou whispered:
What do you mean you have no friends, Mokocchi!? I'm your friend, remember??

Wha- No! N-no.. I have„ tons of friends.
Just none… none like uh, you. Yeah, No friends like you.

Anonymous whispered:
I'm interested in a "written" response from you. (non-cosplay/gifs) What would your best advice be to Tomoko if you knew her in real life and became her friend? In terms of her social awkwardness/deep desire to be popular.

Wowie, hard questions yo. Uhh, I dunno. I guess not to force stuff to happen. And when you’re ready you’re ready. If you’re not, you’re not. Gotta just let life happen man.

Green Tea Mochi


muy poquito

Anonymous whispered:
Why does your hair look so brownish?

I felt too odd getting a black wig so I got ‘natural’ black.

(From where: Arda-wigs. I live by them for wigs <3 Little pricey, but top notch)

1461 - 7197 - 2133

I actually totally don’t play it often, but go ahead~

(Mun monday and stuff right? Well, Anime Vegas is November 1st - 3rd! 
Friday (after school) is Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite with hopefully my Skyhook-kun. 
Saturday is Cassandra Cain’s batgirl. I’ll actually have a mask, wig, and hopefully look like the actual character.
Sunday is Tomoko from Watamote. I may or may not do a small CMV - still debating.

Hope to see any of you there! c: If not, I always vlog~ And you can keep up with everything here. )

I think we all know PS4 will beat Xbone